At QA, we build long-term relationships with other professionals, working closely together to help drive our mutual business and enabling our networks to thrive.

Our objective is to collaborate closely and to be the specialist you would choose to recommend. Our specialist tax expertise enables us to provide focused financial advice.

The tax legislation for claiming capital allowances on fixtures is complex, making a claim requires the skills of surveyors and capital allowance specialists like QA.

We will maximise the tax relief available when buying, extending or refurbishing any commercial property and protect the allowances claimed on sale.

QA is reputable with a proven heritage and an outstanding 100% success rate on claims submitted to HMRC and First Tier Tax Tribunals.

Why Claim Capital Allowances?

Capital allowances are a valuable form of tax relief available to anyone incurring capital expenditure when buying or building commercial property. Identifying the actual plant and machinery will be the only way to obtain relief for most property expenditure.

Specialist input is needed to identify the maximum amount of expenditure qualifying for relief.

QA specialises in providing additional quantity surveying and accountancy services, traditionally working alongside our clients’ solicitor and accountant to obtain maximum tax savings.


Protect Your Client

  1. If a commercial property is sold without the vendor or purchaser entering into section 198 election or agreed disposal value, the tax benefits may be lost
  2. The frequently used Commercial Property Standard Enquiries queries are often misunderstood and poorly completed - these replies need care
  3. We will help you avoid the common pitfalls
  4. This is essential for all transactions